Whether you have concerns about the validity of a Will, the interpretation of a Will, the manner in which an estate or trust is being administered, or have not received what you expected by way of inheritance, our specialist team can assist. Inheritance disputes are more and more common and our preferred route is always to avoid a dispute from escalating. We are one of the few firms in the region that has a highly experienced litigation solicitor specialising in any claim or defence under the Inheritance Act 1975, challenges to the validity of a will, forged will disputes and also trust disputes which are also increasingly common. We have years of experience in dealing with the mediation process, an alternative dispute resolution method which is almost always suitable for disputes of this nature. However, you can rest assured that where alternative dispute resolution is not possible, we’ll fight your corner robustly and ensure that you obtain the best outcome possible.

Saul Caplan

Wills, Inheritance, Trusts & Probate

Sophie Bacon

Wills, Inheritance, Trusts & Probate | BTMK Goodson

Paula Dallison

Wills, Inheritance, Trusts & Probate | BTMK Todmans

Susan Foxen

Wills, Inheritance, Trusts & Probate

Mark Goodson

Wills, Inheritance, Trusts and Probate | BTMK Goodson

Megan McKinlay

Wills, Inheritance, Trusts & Probate | BTMK Goodson

Kavita Ryatt

Residential Property & Conveyancing

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