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The Coronavirus pandemic has seen several cases where landlords have been unable to recover arrears in respect of their properties and tenants have similarly been unable to pay their rent due to the changing landscape and COVID-19 restrictions. There have been several cases this year which involved a tenant’s...

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Heritage Rocks Group Case Study

Heritage Rocks Group own a number of high-end wedding venues around the country and are active in the leisure sector, and in order to embark on further investment, we dealt with the legal aspects of raising finance of multiple millions of pounds for further acquisitions involving 5 separate companies...

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Glenfield Real Estates Case Study

Glenfield Real Estates have a large portfolio of both commercial and residential property and specialise in student accommodation. They utilised our services during a refinancing of their portfolio with three separate lenders simultaneously, totalling almost £6m in value. In cases like these our priority is to ensure that strict...

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The Perils of Not Using a Qualified Solicitor

A McKenzie friend can be defined as someone who assists litigants in person in Court. They do not need to have any qualifications, they are unregulated and do not need to have insurance. The number of McKenzie friends has increased significantly since 2013 when Legal Aid became unavailable for...

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The Digital Copyright Directive – Article 13

The European Parliament recently approved the controversial Digital Copyright Directive. Formal adoption by the European Council is expected to be a formality and to take place today, April 15th. The Directive has been a long time coming and the subject of fierce debate during the legislative process.  The key...

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Changes To Celebrity Endorsements On Social Media

Social media posts and in particular those on Instagram from celebrities/influencers will soon look a bit different. The Competition & Markets Authority (a Government agency) is stepping up its efforts in a bid to cut down on a perceived widespread lack of transparency on popular accounts. This week, the...

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