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Brexit – City Workers Asked to Relocate Overseas – Know Your Rights

The current ongoing uncertainty in respect of Brexit continues to impact all sectors of the UK economy. The effect is, in particular, being felt in the financial services sector. Many financial services institutions are taking steps to implement Brexit contingencies, particularly by relocating parts of their services to areas...

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Bullying and discrimination in the workplace

Bullying and discrimination in the work place happens far too often. It can happen to anyone at any level, in any organisation and for any reason. I’ve helped employees in cases of bullying and discrimination, from a Chief Officer in a large public organisation to a part-time Office Manager and a factory worker in a small company.  Bullying can sometimes occur...

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Flexible Working Hours – What You Need To Know

Until 2014 the right to request flexible working was reserved for employees with children under the age of 17. However, the introduction of new legislation in June 2014 extended this right to include all employees who meet the statutory requirements. Under these new regulations, qualifying employees can formally request...

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Men Vs. Women – The Gender Pay Gap Lowering Slowly

The gender pay gap continues to be a really hot topic, particularly in light of the recent deadline to file updated reports; for private companies and charities this was 4th April 2019, and the 30th March 2019 for public sector organisations. Mandatory pay gap reporting was actually introduced in 2017,...

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The Gender Pay Gap; is this discrimination?

The gender pay gap has been a hot topic recently, and with Hollywood stars such as Benedict Cumberbatch championing the cause it is no surprise. In a recent interview Mr Cumberbatch revealed that he would turn down roles in projects where his female counterparts don’t receive equal pay. But you don’t have to be a Hollywood actor to...

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When to Settle for a Settlement Agreement

Settlement Agreements, formerly known as Compromise Agreements, are widely used by employers for a variety of different reasons. They generally involve the employer paying an employee an additional amount that they are not contractually or legally entitled to, in exchange for the employee giving up any claims they may have against their employer.   Many employees are unaware of their existence or the fact that they are...

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