Many years ago, there were four leading law firms based in South Essex. Travell Horner, Bates & Partners, Twitchen & Musters, and finally Robinson & Kelly. The first two, Travell Horner and Bates & Partners merged and became Bates Travell, and then the other two superb law firms Twitchen & Musters and Robinson Kelly also came together to become Twitchen, Musters, Robinson & Kelly – which was a bit of a mouthful so they became TMK Solicitors in due course. These two exceptional legal practices continued until they decided to join forces and became the BTMK that we know and love today. Here’s some fun facts to show you the full story… This is our story:


The first of those four really good companies that formed was Bates & Partners back in 1934. So the history of the B in BTMK began…


Ashley Kalms Travell & Co were formed, paving the way for the business that we know and love today!


John Twitchen and Patrick Musters join forces to become Twitchen & Musters – a niche litigation practice and the first of its kind in the area. – what will in the next decade become TMK Solicitors


Twitchen & Musters merge with Robinson & Kelly from Shoeburyness to become Twitchen, Musters, Robinson & Kelly Solicitors. In the same year, Ashley Kalms Travell & Co merges with David Horner & Webb to become Travell Horner & Partners.


Twitchen Musters & Kelly becomes known as TMK Solicitors.


In a year that saw Prince Charles and Camilla marry, another major event took place – BTMK was born! Bates Travell merged with TMK to form BTMK. This high-profile merger of two of the most important law firms in South Essex created a combined firm of more than 100 members of staff, bringing together the leaders in their fields and creating the largest firm of its kind in Southend-on-Sea.


As Gordon Brown took over the reigns in charge of the country following Tony Blair’s resignation in 2007, BTMK acquired Marcus Baum Solicitors. Marcus Baum handle over 2500 residential property transactions each year; they have an exciting blend of experience and youth and are regularly praised for their quality in the field of domestic conveyancing work.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released in the same year, and became the highest grossing film in the series! Another stellar event took place this year as BTMK acquired FWG, a bespoke wills, inheritance and probate firm which itself had a history of 28 years under the guardianship of Fred and then Mark Goodson. They have one of the best reputations in their field and assist in BTMK’s strategy to have one of the market-leading private client teams throughout Essex. The acquisition also helped to cement BTMK’s position in Leigh-on-Sea.


In the news, the probe Juno showed us stunning new images of Jupiter! A little closer to home, BTMK and Marcus Baum formally merged, with each still retaining their own identity but now one company. The overall business has over 110 members of staff, and now offers the widest range of legal services of all its competitors.


In the year that unified the nation with the belief that football may finally come home (it didn’t), many found comfort in the exciting news that BTMK had acquired Todmans SRE, a well-established firm based in Rayleigh.

Todmans SRE are specialists in Conveyancing, Commercial Property and Wills and Probate, and of course these will continue and grow. BTMK Solicitors will also be increasing the portfolio of services available to Rayleigh residents and business owners locally, to include Corporate & Commercial, and in due course, a presence from our specialist litigation and family law teams.


As we begin to plan for the post-pandemic world, and as the things begin to return to normal, BTMK choose to expand further and to put into place further plans for growth and expansion.

Alan Simpson & Co are the other half of Rayleigh’s legal scene and with both Todmans SRE (BTMK Todmans) and BTMK Alan Simpson all working together, with another historic building to add to our office space, BTMK looks forward to providing Rayleigh and the surrounding areas with high quality legal advice in almost every relevant area of personal and business life

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