When a professional person fails to perform to the standards expected of them, and you suffer a loss because of that, you may be able to seek compensation. Professionals such as accountants, surveyors, architects and insurance brokers have a duty to their clients to perform their job to a reasonable standard, with reasonable care. If they fail to assist you in their works to a standard that could be reasonably expected of them; you may have an action in negligence.

If the worst happens and you’ve been let down, we’ve got a team of specialists at BTMK who are here to help.

Claims against Solicitors

Professional negligence is a complex and daunting area of law, especially when you are considering action against a formerly instructed solicitor. We can help to untangle these issues and determine whether you may be entitled to compensation.

We have a wealth of expertise in assisting clients with such action; for example: negligent conveyancing; Judgments in default; failure to advise on costs or give reasonable and accurate time estimates; failure to complete documentation accurately; under-settlement of damages claims; failure to prepare adequately for hearings or trial; failure to identify and advise upon related issues; or lost opportunity.

If you’ve had a bad experience and are unsure where to turn, we’re on your side.

Claims against Surveyors

We understand that professional surveyors sometimes make mistakes when it comes to property. These mistakes however can have an enormous; detrimental effect on your personal and/or business life. That’s why you need our help to advise, support and fight your corner.

Your surveyor may have provided a negligent valuation; failed to report on structural damage; or failed to spot Japanese Knotweed or subsidence issues. If something doesn’t add up with your property, we can help to identify the wrongdoings, and assess the damage. If you are forced to litigate, we can also steer you through the dispute process with straightforward, commercially practical advice.

Claims against Architects

Your architect may have failed to adequately plan your property, or caused issues with the build resulting in substantial loss of profit. If this is so, you may be entitled to redress.

We recognise the importance of acting quickly in these circumstances to mitigate your losses; our dispute resolution experts can guide you through the process with clear, cost effective advice, without the jargon. We have a wealth of experience with alternative dispute resolution procedures, but should it come to it, we also have the expertise to steer you through the UK Court system.

Claims against Accountants or Independent Financial Advisors

We understand that money makes the world go round and that’s why it is important to know you have the best support behind you at your time of need. When someone has jeopardised your business accounts or endangered your personal wealth, you need immediate professional assistance; we have this expertise.

If your accountant or IFA has caused compliance breaches, provided negligent advice inconsistent with your risk profile, or failed to advise on tax related issues, our team of litigators have vast experience and are adept at working quickly to protect your financial position.

Claims against Barristers

We understand that barristers too can provide negligent advice or fail to prepare for hearings. If you’ve been let down when you’ve sought legal assistance, we have the expertise to identify these issues and help you through the process.

We at BTMK can advise you upon any wrongdoings and guide you through the litigation process if we think you could successfully recover compensation.

Claims against Insurance Brokers

Insurance should provide you and your business with peace of mind. If it doesn’t and something has gone wrong, we can help to piece the puzzle together.

We have experience in dealing with claims against insurance brokers who have: failed to advise on material non-disclosure issues; failed to advise upon the adequacy of a policy; failed to source adequate insurance; and failed to advise on specific claims not being insurable.

If this has happened to you or your business, you may be entitled to compensation. We can help you to right these wrongs.


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