Tenants can be in breach of their lease for many reasons. When this happens you need robust and decisive action to be taken, whether it’s the immediate recovery of possession for non-payment of rent or proceedings for possession. This area of work is a minefield of regulation and legislation and we’ll help you navigate it safely. Tactical advice plays a huge part in these situations.

We are renowned for our expertise in recovering possession of residential property for landlords. We receive instructions from many of the specialist lettings agencies in South Essex, as well as from landlords directly and we deal with all work on a fixed fee basis. Most of the frustrations felt by landlords when recovering possession of their property relates to tenants already being in arrears of rent, or some other breach of tenancy agreement or simply wanting their property back at the end of a fixed term. The Courts are becoming busier and the process therefore takes longer. The last thing a landlord needs is the possession hearing not being successful because of a technical problem with the Notices that have been served or some other defect with the proceedings. That’s why you need lawyers that specialise in this area, that understand the current regime, which changes regularly, and to spot errors with agreements or statutory notices before the matter gets to Court.

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