We’ll help you with every aspect from agreement to the initial heads of terms, through the due diligence process, negotiation of the contract and right through to successful completion, whether you’re buying or selling. Your bargaining position will be strengthened with our involvement. If you’re buying, we’ll ensure that you’re adequately protected and if you’re selling, you want to make sure you’ve secured a clean and secure break. We’ll help you do just that.

We will advise you on any associated property transaction, as well as making sure you’ve got the necessary intellectual property advice. There’s a minefield of tactics, legislation and regulation out there and you need someone experienced to navigate you through it all.

Ian Powell

Corporate & Commercial, Commercial Property | BTMK Solicitors

Philip Freeman

Residential & Commercial Conveyancing | BTMK Marcus Baum

Lee Emptage

Corporate & Commercial, Commercial Property | BTMK Todmans

Craig Kelly

Corporate & Commercial | BTMK Todmans

Holly Stevens

Corporate & Commercial | BTMK Todmans

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