Financial issues can affect businesses and individuals alike, with the potential of it leading to bankruptcy or insolvency. Whether you’re struggling to make monthly mortgage payments, or your business is swamped in debt, the worry of further legal action and being taken to court can cloud your mind.

Bankruptcy is the legal process an individual goes through when they are unable to pay off debt. The creditor, the person who is owed the money, can take the debtor to court in attempt to securepayment. If the person is unable to pay or offer assets, they may have to file for bankruptcy.

Our bankruptcy solicitors in Southend can help at any stage of an insolvency or bankruptcy case. Allow us to walk you through your options, with experienced insolvency solicitors in Southend who have a wealth of experience in all types of cases.

Insolvency Solicitors in Southend

Our team is one of the only law firms in the region to offer a specialist insolvency litigation team and specialist advice is crucial during a time like this.

When an individual goes through insolvency proceedings, legal action is being taken against them in an attempt to pay off what they owe. If they are unable to pay, this can lead to bankruptcy and plans can be put in place to sell assets and belongings of the bankrupt in order to secure payments to their creditors.

We have insolvency solicitors in Southend with all the experience required to help your case, so allow us to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with bankruptcy and insolvency.

Corporate Insolvency Lawyers in Southend

If a company is unable to make payments and doesn’t own enough assets to pay off the debt, a company will fall into insolvency. This can put the company at risk of closing down. No matter what stage in the process your company is in, our expert corporate insolvency lawyers in Southend will be able to offer advice or legal aid to help your case.

Find the right lawyer for you or your business at BTMK

Our experts are on hand to help with all types of legal issues you come across, including bankruptcy and insolvency. At BTMK, our corporate insolvency lawyers in Southend will be able to offer advice and handle legal proceedings with the upmost professionality, clarity and reliability.

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