It’s not uncommon for developers to be unaware of the right of light law, so it’s important to understand your rights when it comes to new developments disturbing your natural light.

If your property’s windows are older than 19 years and 1 day, then they may have acquired the right to light. This means that if the natural light from these windows becomes disrupted by a new construction, you can contest the building or claim damages.

With the right to light law, developers should make sure their new build, extension or construction does not disrupt surrounding neighbours’ light. It prevents situations like a neighbour building a property or extension close to another property and preventing light from shining over your building or land.

Similarly, if you’re a developer, you need to have regard to right of light entitlements and our specialists can advise you on the legalities too.

Right to Light Specialists in Leigh-on-Sea

When is it time to get in touch with a right to light solicitor?

  • As soon as you receive a letter claiming a right to light,, seek legal advice from a right of light solicitor.
  • If you are a developer and worried your building or construction will disturb a neighbour’s light, get in touch with BTMK and we’ll work with you and a Right of Light specialist to protect your position as best as we can
  • If your property’s natural light is being affected, you may be able to stop the build or receive compensation if your windows are more than 19 years and 1 day old. Get in touch with our specialists inin Leigh-on-Sea for further advice.

Right of Light Solicitors in Leigh-on-Sea

BTMK right of light solicitors in Leigh-on-Sea work closely with the correct specialists to deliver the best results for your case. Our team in Leigh-on-Sea provide expert knowledge and advice to help clients understand their legal rights.

We can help at any stage of a right of light dispute, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you are in the middle of a dispute or have just received a right of light letter, our experts are on hand. Contact our legal advisors via the form below, email us or give us a call on 03300 585 222.

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