Our property lawyers are responsible for drafting sound and robust leases to ensure that the recovery of ground rent and service charge payments, which are the key to strong property management for property managers or agents (and even freeholders themselves) and to retain value in key assets.

Our property lawyers and our litigation team work together to ensure that landlords and freeholders are property protected when it comes to the recovery of service charge payments. Leaseholders in default can provide real challenges in running a successful property block and our experienced team are here to ensure that proper systems are in place to secure the early recovery and to prevent future arrears.

We work in a strategic way to secure recoveries quickly and robustly, whether this is by using all options available under the lease or a straightforward debt recovery approach. We have experiencing in securing payment from lenders as a final resort but also in dealing with difficult tenants in justifying a landlord’s service charge expenditure. We’ve acted for individual one-off landlords but also large management companies with large blocks under management as well as individual tenants through to groups of tenants mounting challenges to disproportionate and unreasonable service charge demands.

Our specialist property lawyers can advise you through the minefield of legislation and regulation in connection with the extension of a residential property lease. We can assist in the following areas:

Our experienced property lawyers and our litigation team have advised on large numbers of long residential lease disputes. We have dealt with challenges to the First Tier Tribunal and have successfully obtained relief from forfeiture on behalf of tenants in properties throughout Essex and in London.

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