Our specialist property lawyers can advise you through the minefield of legislation and regulation in connection with the enfranchisement of a residential property lease. The process for applying for and obtaining an enfranchisement of a long residential lease can be tricky. The rules are strict and rigorously adhered to whether it’s in relation to the notice or the counter-notice. Our dedicated property lawyers at BTMK work hand-in-hand with our litigation team and deal with the process and make it as smooth as possible for the qualifying tenant or group of tenants.

What is Leasehold Enfranchisement?

Essentially, it is the right by qualifying leaseholders to acquire the freehold or to obtain a lease extension. There are principally three categories of claims that can be brought and the legislation is difficult to navigate. Different rules apply if you live in the house and the larger the unit of properties, the more difficult the claims become because of the differing leases and lengths of leases which may apply.

At BTMK, we can assist you with all of the following:

Our experienced property lawyers and our litigation team have advised on large numbers of leasehold and collective enfranchisements , including those with complex backgrounds such as absentee freeholders and those with particularly high-value premiums in prime areas of London.

If you’re thinking of applying to acquire your freehold or if you’re a freeholder and you’ve been served with a notice by your leaseholder or leaseholders, come and speak to the experts at BTMK.

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