Usually, under the terms of a commercial lease, a building is required to be kept in a certain state of repair and maintained to a certain standard. If the terms of the lease are not upheld, a landlord has the right to claim for dilapidations and the tenant will be required to either fix the repairs or cover the landlord’s costs.

Commercial lease dilapidations issues can be complex. As a landlord you might feel the building has not been looked after in accordance with the lease and wish to make a claim. As a tenant you might feel any claim made by a landlord is too high or disagree that any additional work is required.

Our expert commercial lease dilapidations solicitors in London work alongside specialist dilapidations surveyors to help you resolve your claim or help you prior to signing a lease by reviewing and negotiating the terms. We can also help create a terminal schedule of works to be done when filing a dilapidations’ claim.

Due to the value of properties and leasehold and freehold values, these claims can be substantial and must be dealt with promptly and in accordance with the protocol.

Schedule of Condition

If you’re considering signing a lease, it’s crucial to get a proper assessment of the existing condition of the property and ensure that any documentation accurately reflects that.

As such, we can help with a Schedule of Condition that documents the condition of the property and helps negate any later repair claims, based on damage that existed before the lease was signed.

Before entering into any commercial lease, as a landlord or tenant, getting specialist legal advice is vital. The BTMK specialist lease dilapidations solicitors in London can help negotiate the terms of a lease and negotiate any disagreements that might arise around the condition of the property and the terms of the lease.

Commercial Lease Specialists

When making changes to a building it’s important to understand the implications under the terms of the lease before work is carried out. While a tenant may feel they are adding value to the property, the landlord’s permission may be required, or it may be that any alterations need to be put back to the original condition at the termination of the lease.

Our commercial lease dilapidations solicitors in London have the expertise to cover all aspects of these negotiations when agreeing the terms of a lease. The BTMK team will also help a party recover costs owed at the end of the process.

And we only work with specialist surveyors, with proper experience and qualifications in creating dilapidation schedules to help to protect your position.

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