Contract law is always evolving. Courts are always making decisions that change the way that certain clauses are to be interpreted. We are always up to date with the law and we’ll give you clear and concise advice from the very outset. Our specialist team gets quick results where necessary and can seek alternative dispute resolution channels that save you time and money. Often, ADR clauses are built into the contract itself. We’ll help you decide if you can avoid that mechanism or how you can enforce it if it’s in your interests. If you own a small business, or you’ve managed to get into a dispute over land, property or money, we’ll keep the costs in check and most importantly, the end in sight.


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Adam Fleming

Litigation & Dispute Resolution | BTMK Todmans

Fiona McAnaw

Litigation & Dispute Resolution , Employment | BTMK Solicitors

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution | BTMK Solicitors

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Insolvency & Insolvency Litigation | BTMK Solicitors

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