Whether you’re owed money as an individual or your business is struggling with payments and debt, our BTMK solicitors are some of the only solicitors in the region to supply a specialist insolvency litigation team.

From personal insolvency to avoiding bankruptcy and dealing with debt, our professional insolvency solicitors in Leigh-on-Sea are on hand to help no matter what financial issues you are facing. There can be times where the only option is to declare bankruptcy or being made insolvent and our solicitors will be able to find the best result for your case.

Bankruptcy Solicitors in Leigh-on-Sea

Declaring bankruptcy refers to the legal process where a person or business is unable to pay their debts. The person or business can be taken to court by the creditor, the person owed the money, which can lead to declaring bankruptcy if they are unable to pay.

Financial worries are incredibly stressful, which is why our team offers the upmost professional service to help you through a difficult time. Bankruptcy and insolvency are some of the most damaging types of financial problems, so we understand how important it is to get the correct advice and legal assistance.

Our bankruptcy solicitors in Leigh-on-Sea have the knowledge and experience to help ease the overwhelming pressure you can feel with bankruptcy and insolvency cases.

Corporate Insolvency Lawyers in Leigh-on-Sea

If your business is facing insolvency by creditors or liquidators, we are there for you during all stages of the process. Our corporate insolvency lawyers in Leigh-on-Sea advise, act and defend against insolvency claims to fight for best result. At BTMK, our solicitors understand how difficult a time like this is for a business, it is our aim to work as effectively and sensitively as possible.

Whether you would like to use a winding up petition, or one has been threatened against your business, our solicitors are extremely knowledgeable in the urgent steps you need to take. This can impact everything from the future of your business’ operation to your bank accounts, your leases and other commercial properties you own, so it’s important to get the right advice and help, and we can do exactly that.

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