If you’re thinking about filing for bankruptcy you will need specialist help. Bankruptcy has serious and lasting implications on your finances, work and assets and is a decision that should not be taken without advice. We can help if you understand if bankruptcy is the right option for you.

BTMK are leading bankruptcy solicitors in London and the surrounding areas. BTMK is one of the only law firms in the region to offer a specialist insolvency litigation team.

There is no minimum amount of debt for a person to be declare themselves bankrupt. A creditor must be owed at least £5000 to petition for your bankruptcy. At the end of the bankruptcy period, existing debts are written off and you can start fresh, although with restrictions. A bankruptcy order will be made for one of the following:

  • You can’t pay your outstanding debts and declare yourself bankrupt
  • You owe creditors £5,000 or more and they apply to make you bankrupt
  • If you’ve broken the terms of an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) and the supervisor managing your case makes you bankrupt

Different rules apply if there is fraudulent activity involved and it’s even more important that you take specialist advice.

Our team also specialises in contesting statutory demands, and making applications to annul bankruptcy orders which can be made on a number of different grounds.

Corporate Insolvency

The bankruptcy process is for individuals and does not apply to partnerships or companies.

When a company can’t pay what it owes or has liabilities greater than its assets it might become insolvent. There are a range of options for directors and our insolvencysolicitors in London can help with both individual or corporate insolvency and bankruptcy.

If you’re thinking of issuing a Winding Up Petition, or have one threatened against your company, urgent steps which may need to be taken. This might include injunctions, to stop the advertisement of a Winding Up Petition, which can impact your bank accounts, your reputation and any future credit. It can also impact your leases and your commercial property.

It is vital that you take advice as soon as possible.

Equally, if you are thinking of issuing a winding up petition against a company that owes you money, it’s important to take the right steps to protect yourself against the petition being defended.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Relationships

At BTMK, we are bankruptcy and insolvency law specialists. Alongside our specialist legal know-how from having worked in this area for many decades we will refer you to the appropriate specialists before you require assistance from lawyers. If you need advice from a liquidator, an administrator or a trustee in bankruptcy, BTMK can refer you for more specific technical advice, as needed during the legal process. BTMK are always here to help.

Trusted Bankruptcy and insolvency Solicitors in London

The BTMK bankruptcy and insolvency solicitors in London work with professional advisers and clients ranging from individuals seeking IVAs or averting bankruptcy to family-run companies and major multi-national businesses.
We can advise you on the proper action to get the best result, regardless of where you are in the process.

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