There can be nothing more stressful than having health concerns or being treated for an illness. It is even more distressing for you and your family if something goes wrong during your care. If something has gone wrong and you have suffered injury as a result we are here to help you. We have a team of experienced medical negligence solicitors who will take the time to understand your problems. We want to ensure that you get both the answers and compensation you deserve. In medical negligence cases we offer a free first meeting and assessment of your case and no win/no fee arrangements if the claim is pursued.

We deal with all types of medical negligence claims including:

Johanne Turner

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

Alan Bacon

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

Gethan Burgess

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Sarah Drabble

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

Ruth Hemingway

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

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