We specialise in advising landlords on the recovery of rent arrears. Prevention is always better than cure and so we specialise in that too. This can take the format of giving advice on carrying out proper background referencing checks on tenants through your property or letting agent but usually takes the format of securing and drafting personal guarantees on the rent and other covenants in the tenancy agreements to give landlords the best protection.

If the worst comes to the worst, we’ll use all of our litigation and dispute resolution skills to try and recover rent arrears on your behalf. We recognise that simply issuing court proceedings is not always the best method, particularly if an outgoing tenant cannot be located. However, we can use our network of enquiry agents to locate a disappearing tenant and to help you assess whether pursuing a particular tenant is likely to result in a successful outcome for you. We’re not here to waste your time or your money – we’re here to give you the most commercial advice to ensure you come back to us time and time again.

We can also advise in relation to litigation against those who have given a personal guarantee against the rent or other breaches of the lease terms.

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