Disputes with a neighbour can be difficult to litigate. If you are planning redevelopment works to your property, you must tell your neighbours and you must ensure that you comply with strict Party Wall legislation. The Party Wall Act 1996 was created to clarify the law regarding work and responsibilities on shared walls.

If you need to check your rights or a neighbour has started a development and you have concerns, we have years of experience to ensure your rights are protected. So if you need experienced party wall solicitors in Rayleigh contact BTMK today.

What Does A Party Wall Refer To?

A ‘party wall’ refers to the shared property boundary that you have with a neighbour or multiple neighbours. A party wall will stand on the land of two or more owners, and they will either form part of a building or won’t form a part of a building but can be something such as a garden wall. Wooden fences, for example, are not included. However it can also include excavations for footings within a particular distance of neighbouring properties.

Party Wall Disputes

If you are experiencing a party wall dispute, we can assist you with our expert legal advice. We will work with an experienced party wall surveyor who knows their area and who are the best in the business. We deal with these disputes regularly, both in a domestic and commercial context.

If you feel a Party Wall Award has been made when it shouldn’t have been, or an Award has not been made where it should, contact us and we can guide you through a complex area of the law. It could be a case of a surveyor getting it wron or extending beyond his or her remit., that’s why we refer to our own expert party wall surveyors to assess the situation. We can even apply to the County Court where necessary.

If you have any concerns regarding a shared property boundary, seek expert legal advice with us.

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