A party wall is a structure that joins two buildings or separates land. In England and Wales the Party Wall Act 1996 sets out the law regarding work on party walls.

The team at BTMK are expert party wall solicitors in London and we work alongside specialist party wall surveyors, who have the necessary experience and expertise in this field.

The Party Wall Act was created to clarify what types of work are permitted and sets out the individual responsibilities when it comes to making changes to party walls. For example, it sets out when you need to serve a party wall notice, advising your neighbour of any proposed plans if you are looking to make adjustments.

Party Wall Notice

When one party is making changes to an existing party wall party wall disputes can very easily arise. The Party Wall Act sets out when you need to create a party wall agreement with your neighbour and when you will need to provide a party wall notice.

For example:

  • Building a new wall or removing an existing wall or structure
  • Changing the height and depth of an existing wall
  • Taking out a chimney breast
  • Excavating near or below the foundations of a neighbouring property
  • Without a party wall notice, it can be difficult to challenge a claim of damage to an existing wall.

Party Wall Disputes

A disagreement over a party wall can escalate quickly. A disgruntled neighbour might claim property damage or a neighbour might seek to deliberately delay to planned work. Perhaps you have received a party wall notice and you wish to appeal against it.

If a notice was not issued correctly or perhaps not issued at all, the other party might seek an injunction to stop the work and claim damages.

If you’ve want to serve a party wall notice, or if you’ve had one served, we can advise you on your legal options. The BTMK party wall solicitors in London will refer you to an expert surveyor, and then help you through the legal process

Party Wall Experts

The documentation process around a Party Wall Notice can be complicated and requires specialist advice, particularly when serving or responding to a notice. There are different types of notice and depending on the type of work, different notice periods too.

Our party wall solicitors in London are experts in property and dispute litigation, for both commercial and residential property and can advise you on every aspect of the process. This might include serving party wall notices, counter notices and injunctions to prevent work that has not been authorised.

We can also ensure any agreed work is regulated properly and help with damages, should the need arise.

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