A commercial lease usually requires a tenant to keep the property in an acceptable state and standard according to the lease terms. If the tenant does not maintain the building’s condition, the landlord can claim for dilapidations. This means that the tenant will have to fix the repairs or pay for the damage that has been incurred.

However, the tenant may disagree with the claims, or they may feel that they are being charged too much. In this case, they will need to seek legal help from a commercial lease dilapidations solicitors in Leigh-on-Sea. We have experts in this field on hand to work alongside specialist dilapidation surveyors to argue against the claims made.

On the other hand, our solicitors can also work on behalf of the landlord to create a terminal or interim schedule of works to be done when creating a dilapidations’ claim where they will work with a dilapidations surveyor to bring the legal claim on behalf of the commercial landlord.

Schedule of Condition

Before you sign a commercial lease, you should understand your repairing obligations carefully and perform an assessment of the building’s state and condition to make sure it matches the description from the landlord. This will become helpful if a landlord claims that repairs are needed at the property, in this case the tenant could need a Schedule of Condition. This is what documents the state of the building which can be used against a legal claim for repairs by the landlord.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s key to get specialist legal advice from our commercial lease dilapidations solicitors in Leigh-on-Sea. We can help with creating negotiations around the lease agreements to help achieve the results you want.

Lease Negotiations

Before agreeing to a lease, you should make sure to get clear terms and negotiate what will and won’t be included, such as being allowed to making changes to the property. It’s crucial to be aware of what you can and can’t do before to sign any agreement.

It will depend on the landlord when it comes to being able to make any internal or structural changes to a building, some may allow it whereas others will expect any changes to be changed back to the original condition once the lease ends. It is important that you seek advice on this from our specialist solicitors ideally at the time you are entering into a lease.

Our specialist commercial lease solicitors in Leigh-on-Sea have the expertise to negotiate all aspects of your lease negotiations, whether it’s at the outset or if things become contentious during or at the end of a lease. We’ll guide you through the process every step of the way.

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