Demolition Sector

BTMK are extremely proud to be the official solicitors for the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (“NFDC”. We advise the Federation in relation to its own legal matters including corporate governance and ensuring that the Federation is meeting the needs of its members nationwide. Through our relationship with the NFDC, we also provide specialist advice to many NFDC Members or Associate Members in all of the following areas:

Legal Services to keep demolition contracts on schedule:

Having practical and experienced advice from lawyers used to working with the demolition sector is vital for anyone working in the demolition industry. We can help main contractors, sub-contractors, investors and professionals working on a particular contract. We provide legal services from the point of inception, when a contract is in its infancy, all the way through to payment and recovery of any retention money and everything in between. We can help with interim disputes and if the worst comes to the worst, any contract that ends in litigation.
We’re specialists in the field of demolition. We understand the contracts and the project documents and if we’ve drafted the documentation, we’ll always ensure you’re well protected. If we’ve not drafted the documentation and the contract is disputed, we’ll fight your corner and ensure that you come out on top.
We can provide a health-check for demolition contracts – let us have a look at them before you sign;
We can provide with specialist employment law related issues, to ensure that you’re protected from unnecessary and time-consuming claims. We can help to clear up any grey areas in case someone tries to claim they’re an employee and you think otherwise.
We provide services in relation to your demolition contract within our litigation and construction law practice. We can advise quickly and pro-actively to manage any problems that you may face, using ADR methods such as adjudication to keep your contract on track and with the minimum of delay, to avoid any exposure you may have in relation to late delivery.
Debt Recovery. The demolition industry is well-known for bad debt and an inability to recover your contractually agreed price from a main contractor. We’ll ensure that you’re not taken advantage of, that you receive your money as early as possible, when the contract should be well-funded and other payments have not been committed

Care Homes & Healthcare

We’ve got years of expertise in handling the legal affairs for care home owners and their senior management teams. We’ve acted for sellers and buyers of Care Home businesses throughout Essex for many years. We’ve also looked after the interests of the County’s largest pharmaceutical businesses, handled the sales and purchases of GP Practices, Dental Practices and Veterinary Practices. It’s vital if you’re practising in the field of healthcare that you obtain specialist advice when dealing with even routine matters such as property or leases as these can have an impact on the residual value of your business and can affect future options.

We can provide expertise and advice in all of the following areas:

Lee Emptage

Corporate & Commercial / Commercial Property | BTMK Todmans

Ian Powell

Corporate & Commercial, Commercial Property | BTMK Solicitors

Holly Stevens

Corporate & Commercial / Commercial Property | BTMK Todmans

Sonia Elmer-Soman

Corporate & Commercial / Commercial Property | BTMK Todmans

Alan Simpson

Residential Property & Conveyancing, Commercial Property | BTMK Alan Simpson

Gethan Burgess

Corporate & Commercial, Commercial Property | BTMK Solicitors

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