In England and Wales Right of light laws are legal protections forthe amount of light coming into a room. If an aperture, usually a window, has enjoyed light without interruption for 20 years it may have a right to light. The law defines how much light should be allowed into a room in these circumstances.

It does not give property owners the right to automatically enjoy sunlight being streamed into a room, or their right to a particularly nice view from a window. Right of light is concerned with the levels of light that illuminate a room. Our right of light solicitors in Thorpe Bay are specialists in this area. Where a right to light is proven and breached you could be entitled to claim financial compensation for your ‘loss’, or seek an injunction to prevent a development being built. We work alongside leading right to light consultants in Thorpe Bay.

Developments and Right of Light

If a new development affects that transmission of light through a window that has a legal right of light, the owner may be able to seek an injunction against the development or claim damages against the developer.

There have been cases where a right to light has been proven and the court has ordered the development to be taken down to rectify the breach.

Right to light issues can certainly be a challenge for property developers, but our team of specialist right of light solicitors in Thorpe Bay can help determine if a right of light exists or has been breached and any legal consequences that could come about from these.

The BTMK Right to Light Specialists

With our expertise and experience we can assess if your right to light has been breached and the legal ramifications of any breach. If you are planning an extension or large development we can look at where any existing right to light exists, look at the various options for preventing a claim for damages. We work with highly qualified and specialist right of light surveyors, based locally, and whether you’re a private individual / homeowner, a commercial business lease tenant or a developer or a freeholder, we’ve got the specialist knowledge to ensure you’ve got the right team on your side to protect your legal rights, to secure any compensation and to deal with the legal documentation to ensure that you’re best protected.

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