Domestic Abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual or mental abuse of one person by another, with whom you have or have had an intimate relationship with.

If your partner or ex-partner is hurting, threatening or harassing you, then you should telephone the police as soon as is practically possible. If the police are unable to help you, then we are able to write a letter to your partner or ex-partner warning them that if their behaviour does not stop you will pursue an application to the Court to prevent their behaviour continuing. In some circumstances it is possible to obtain an Order which not only removes your partner or ex-partner from your home, but from also re-entering and coming within a certain distance of your home.

We can assist you in the following:-

    1. Preparing and filing the application to the Court.
    2. Representing you at any Court Hearings.
    3. Arrange for any Orders to be personally served upon your partner or ex-partner.

If you feel that you are in serious danger and you have been subjected to physical violence, then we are able apply for an Emergency Order to protect you. In these circumstances it is important that you contact us as soon as possible so that we act promptly to protect you via 03300 585 222.

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Legal Aid is available, provided you are financially eligible, for us to provide assistance to you with the above.

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