Why HR Functions Are Often Being Outsourced

HR functions are outsourced for many reasons, including:

  • The ever-changing nature of employment law, which means it is difficult for employers to remain up to date;
  • employers often do not wish to retain a HR team in light of the associated cost;
  • it can save considerable management time which allows employers to focus on their core business, if they have the correct HR support;
  • reassurance that an expert is dealing with the situations on your behalf;
  • Employment law can be very complex and therefore difficult to implement without expert support.

The above are some of the various reasons why a business may consider outsourcing part or all of their HR functions.

Smaller employers in particular, are unlikely to wish to employ someone specifically for HR. Often employers will have one manager or director who deals with any issues that may arise. These particular employees often do not have any specific HR experience, and as such it can be useful for them to have an independent HR consultant or solicitor that they can refer matters too. Often if HR functions are outsourced, an employer pays a fixed monthly cost which can be budgeted for more easily than a large irregular invoice.

Even if employers have a small HR team, they may wish to refer more complex matters to someone with greater experience or expert knowledge. It is generally useful therefore for them to have someone to call upon.

Employers should however note that if HR functions are outsourced to a HR business rather than a firm of solicitors, their communications are unlikely to be privileged and as such an employer may be required to disclose emails or correspondence with their HR advisor in any subsequent proceedings. Any communications with a solicitor, however are likely to be privileged and as such would not need to be disclosed.

We can provide outsourced HR services. In smaller businesses, we can effectively remove the need for a HR team or dedicated employee. For larger employers who already have a HR Manager, we can provide support and more specialist advice as and when this becomes necessary.

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