What Happens If You Are Uncertain Whether You Have An Injury Claim?

Accidents resulting in injury can happen and often they won’t be anyone’s fault. But what if you are worried about whether with proper care or action the accident could have been avoided. At a difficult time you should be thinking about recovery from your injuries and not trying to analyse whether you have a claim. Let us help you with this by advising you as to whether a claim can be pursued.

Naturally you will be concerned about what it will cost for us to meet or discuss matters with you and to assess your case. Don’t worry…

BTMK do not charge you for your first consultation with us. We are happy to meet at our offices or, if you are indisposed by your injuries, at your home or at a location convenient to you. If you have not been discharged from Hospital at the time you contact us we are always happy to arrange a hospital visit when you feel up to it.

Following the first meeting we fully assess your case to consider whether or how it should be pursued. Again we will not charge you for this assessment process.

If the case is pursued we will offer a funding arrangement to include a no win/no fee agreement.

No win – no fee – no problem.

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