What Happens If Something Goes Wrong With My Medical Treatment?

The need for medical treatment is upsetting and stressful and it is even more distressing for the patient and their family if something goes wrong. 

It is important to understand that not every failure of diagnosis or treatment will be regarded as negligent but if it is the patient should be entitled to compensation for injuries and consequential losses.

If you have suffered what you regard as an adverse outcome BTMK are happy to help whether it be in terms of a complaint or a claim for compensation. Very often it assists just to discuss concerns with someone and we offer a free first meeting for you to do so. We also offer no win/no fee funding arrangements if the matter is to be pursued further.

BTMK fully respect and support UK health services and members of the team are actively engaged in efforts to improve care and rehabilitation pathways in healthcare sectors. However we are also committed to the needs of the injured person and will fight your corner if you have suffered injury as a result of a diagnosis or treatment failure which should have been avoided. 

Remember that medical negligence is a broad term and can refer to failures not only in a Hospital but also, for example, by a GP, cosmetic surgeon or dentist. It also applies equally in the NHS and private sectors.

If you have a problem of this type it is important that you have a personal relationship with your solicitor and it’s probably best to see someone close to your home. 

No win – no fee – no problem.

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