What Happens If My Injury Claim Fails?

Obviously not all injury claims are successful. Whilst such an outcome is naturally disappointing, we at BTMK offer a funding arrangement which means that at least you won’t have to pay anything if you lose. How do we do that?

We offer a no win/no fee arrangement in respect of our fees – so that nothing is payable to us if the claim is unsuccessful.

But if the claim fails you would still be liable to pay:

  • Your disbursements – amounts which we pay on your behalf to others to pursue the claim e.g. fees for medical records and reports, and potentially;
  • Your opponent’s legal costs or a proportion of them

We can arrange insurance against the risk of having to pay these amounts, so that in most cases the no win/no fee agreement is backed by the insurance. How does it work?

The fixed insurance premium is not payable until the conclusion of the case.

The premium is insured under the policy, so that it is not payable if the claim fails.

In other words – in an unsuccessful claim you would not be responsible for payment of our fees and the insurers would discharge your disbursements and any opponent’s legal costs and would do so at no cost to you.

No win – no fee – no problem.

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