What Happens If My Dental Treatment Goes Wrong?

You have spent huge sums of money paying for dental treatment including the very popular cosmetic dentistry only for something to go wrong leaving you injured as a result not to mention significantly out of pocket financially.  In the event that your dental treatment has gone wrong you maybe able to pursue a claim for compensation.

Issues that may have arisen include:

  • Failure to provide full and informed advice regarding treatment options
  • Failure to carry out proper examinations and/ or investigations both before and after procedures
  • Issues surrounding the adequacy of consent for treatment
  • Failure to carry out procedures correctly
  • Inappropriate/ unnecessary treatment
  • Inadequate management of aftercare

At BTMK Injury we are specialists who can deal with these types of claim.  We will fight on your behalf to recover compensation for you for all of the pain and suffering that you have endured as well as the out of pocket expenses to include the cost of further treatment that maybe required in the future which can be a significant outlay for an injured person.

We have a local team of expert solicitors who can see you face to face which we believe is so important when dealing with such serious and sensitive matters.  We offer a free initial consultation and can offer to act on a no win no fee basis. You won’t be dealing with a national faceless claims management company; you will be dealt with by a local expert who really cares about you and the trauma that you have been through.

No win – no fee – no problem.

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