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Here at BTMK Solicitors we are very proud of our talented and diverse workforce, whether its amongst our lawyers or those that make our business run.  In preparation for completing our annual diversity statement for our Legal 500 entry, we’ve collated just how many languages we can speak amongst us all, we were amazed by the results! It’s just one more reason that makes BTMK Solicitors stand out from the crowd.

Here – in no particular order – are our Conversational Stars and their respective multi-lingual abilities

  • Shefa Begum – Bengali & Urdu
  • Cristina Corallini – Italian
  • Ruth Hemingway – French & Spanish
  • Radka Lestachova – Slovakian, Czech & Polish
  • Kristie Willis – French
  • Sophie Bews – Spanish
  • Nitin Khandhia – Gujarati & Spanish
  • Kavita Ryatt – Punjabi
  • Ruby Ali- Bengali

That’s 10 International Languages spoken across every continent in the world.

Of course they all speak English as their first language! Together of course with English as a first language, it’s great to know that we’re likely to find someone at BTMK that can help who can converse with you in a language you feel comfortable with.  Not only does this extensive list enforce our own commitment to diversity in the workplace, but it also means we can offer a much higher level of service to more of our community than ever before. As we’ve reinforced to our clients for years now, we speak your language, whatever your first language may be.

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