Adapting to a new way of working

I wanted to update you, our clients, on the ways in which we have adapted and enhanced our business over the last eight weeks to minimise the disruption of the Coronavirus on our business and importantly, on your legal matters.

Over the past eight weeks, we have moved over 75 lawyers into home offices, and whilst our offices currently remain closed to the public other than for emergency matters as designated by the Government and Public Health England (such as emergency will signings or in relation to advocacy or court-related matters), we have strived to offer a full service to all of our clients to ensure that legal matters and the delivery of our services have not been impacted by what is happening around us.

Our teams have conducted Court hearings using Court-approved technology, including fully contested trials as well as routine directions appointments, and during this period, we have dealt with a number of mediations by the use of Zoom and other video-conferencing software. We have dealt with important meetings and consultations with barristers, other experts including surveyors and medical experts, and those of our teams carrying out work relating to the preparation and execution of Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trust Documents and other important documentation, have worked tirelessly to ensure that clients have been able to access our services during an anxious time for all.

We anticipate that many of these new working practices will be here to stay longer after Coronavirus (thankfully) disappears, and as a business, we fully intend to embrace all of these new technologies to enhance the quality of our service, to improve efficiencies within our business, and crucially, to offer better value for money to our clients.

As the government has announced some easing of the restrictions in place in relation to home-moves and as we anticipate that the residential and commercial property markets will become more fluid over the coming weeks and months, our teams will be here to help our clients through what will remain a very difficult and anxious period when arranging their moves and whilst moving into a new property will remain a nervous experience.

In summary, we want you, our clients, work referrers and friends of BTMK to be assured that the physical access to our offices, as cherished as they are to all of our team members at BTMK, will not stop us from delivering the best service that we can to you, to ensuring that your matters are handled efficiently and at the highest quality, which you have come to expect from all of the BTMK businesses.

Thank you for your support – we are certain that together, we will come out of this epidemic stronger than ever. If you have any queries or questions about the delivery of our services, you can contact me directly at [email protected] or by telephone on 01702 238542.

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