If you have plans for property construction work, such as developing a housing estate or a block of flats, or you’d like to add an extension to your property, the right of light law is something you must consider. It is also important to understand your own rights if there is a new development being constructed close to you.

We can arrange right of light solicitors in Southend to offer advice and help your claim.

What is the Right to Light Law?

The law authorises property and landowners the right to the natural light which enters their property through windows and skylights. You could have acquired this legal right to light once the window in your property has been there for over 19 years and 1 day.

Once it has surpassed this timeframe, if neighbours construct any building work that disrupts natural light from passing through your window, you have the right to contest the building of the structure or claim damages from your neighbour instead. Our right to light consultants in Southend will work closely with a right of light surveyor who will investigate your claim in aim of your desired outcome.

Seek Help from a Right to Light Solicitor

  • If you receive a right to light letter, you should seek legal advice from right to light solicitors in Southend.
  • If your build will affect a neighbour’s light, you should get in touch with a right to light solicitor to discuss your legal options and we will help you to secure expert advice to best protect your position
  • If a nearby development is affecting the light in your property, you may be able to prevent the build or receive compensation instead. You need to seek urgent advice from lawyers.

Professional Legal Advice

BTMK solicitors work closely with specialists to obtain the right outcome for you. If you require trustworthy and professional legal advice, our team in Southend can help with all legal matters. Whether you have received a right of light letter or you’re wanting to contest a building that may disrupt your right to light, get in touch with BTMK Solicitors today.

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