Are you looking to reduce your monthly mortgage payments or raise money for another project or extension?

Solicitors Specialising In Remortgages And Equity Transfer

If you’re seeking ways to reduce your monthly mortgage payments or require funds for a new project, such as an extension, your solution may lie in remortgaging your property.  

The remortgaging of property is often associated with what the legal world refers to as a transfer of equity. This is where the legal ownership of a property changes hands but at least one of the original owners remains on the title. For example, where Mr and Mrs Clark transfer the property to just Mrs Clark.

Our expert team at BTMK not only has the knowledge to guide you through these processes but also features a dedicated and specialised team, led by Chris Maddison, exclusively focused on handling such transactions.

We understand that each situation is unique. Our team works closely with you to create a strategy that aligns with your specific financial objectives.

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What are the benefits of remortgaging my property?

Remortgaging can lead to lower interest rates, reduced monthly payments, and access to funds for various financial needs, making it a flexible and powerful financial tool.

What are common reasons for a transfer of equity in property?

Transfer of equity is often used for various purposes, including adding or removing individuals from a property’s ownership, such as during a divorce, marriage, or gifting property.

How does the transfer of equity process work?

The process typically involves legal documentation, a financial assessment, and the agreement of all parties involved. We can assist with the facilitation of the transfer.

Can I remortgage and transfer equity simultaneously?

Yes, it’s possible to remortgage your property while also completing a transfer of equity. This can be a strategic approach to achieve specific financial goals.

What should I consider before proceeding with a remortgage and transfer of equity?

Before proceeding, it’s crucial to assess your financial goals, review the terms of your existing mortgage. Contact us to ensure that the process aligns with your objectives and needs.

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