Abi Dyer

Abi Dyer

  • Apprentice Solicitor

During my solicitor apprenticeship here at BTMK, I’m learning first-hand how to interact with clients and handle cases with confidence. This real-life experience is giving me ‘skills for life’ that I wouldn’t have learned in the confines of a university classroom. Every day, I’m shadowing client meetings to gain insight into more complex matters, while also managing routine matters directly with clients. Beyond the office hours, I find myself enjoying being part of this team as well – it helps build camaraderie which only contributes positively to my growth. Cultivating interpersonal skills outside of work has been equally as crucial as perfecting my professional legal skills while working on cases. I’ve really enjoyed what this apprenticeship has offered me in terms of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that isn’t limited only to the realms of a degree certificate – but instead equips me with those intangible qualities that can take me further than just my education.

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