Working From Home Guidance

Remote working will be a new challenge for many people and many might be worried of the effects it could have on their work and business. BTMK want to let our clients, friends and work referrers know that we are here to help through these new day to day difficulties and we want to help make them as productive as possible, to ensure businesses and individual workloads stay as close to normality as possible. In light of this, we have come up with FIVE steps which we think will help make remote working a little less daunting.

    1. Establishing An Area To Work
      Although the thought of working from the comfort of your bed may seem like a dream come true, it may also end up making you feel lethargic. We suggest finding a location in your house you are able call “your new office” to organise your files/paperwork, laptop and other work essentials to keep you engaged and feel like you are still in a working environment.
    2. Routine
      Sticking to a routine is key. For example, scheduling your lunch break to a specific time or making sure you are getting dressed each day may sound unnecessary but, keeping to a routine will enable you to work efficiently and plan out your day. Limit visits to the biscuit cupboard to a set number of occasions.
    3. Communication
      Make sure you are staying in regular communication and contact with your team/colleagues. Not only will this allow everyone’s workload to run as smoothly as possible but it will also make your days feel less isolated. We suggest using Skype or Zoom for a daily call with your team or colleagues and to make some time for light-hearted discussion, in the same way you would in the office.
    4. Stick to Your Goals
      Write down your goals/targets and assess how you can adapt your new working surroundings to achieve these. Stay focused, make sure you’re working productively and your goals will not seem so unrealistic over the upcoming weeks. We could be in for the long-haul!
    5. Plan Ahead
      The uncertainty of the days ahead can cause us all to feel overwhelmed. That being said, if you plan ahead for your next week, month or even quarter you will be allowing yourself to have a plan of action which will keep your business/workload moving forward. This will hopefully then be able to be transitioned into your working days once returned back to your office.   Remember, meeting your own targets will help your employer and your business meet its targets and will be good for everyone in the long run.

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