Where there’s a Will, there’s a way forward…

Research just published underlines how unprepared most of us are in terms of our end of life planning. Saul Caplan, Director at local law firm BTMK Solicitors Ltd comments: “As lawyers we know how important it is to decide certain things in advance, get them down on paper, plan these things properly and talk about what you would like to happen in the event of illness or death. But this research demonstrates that death is still very much a taboo subject and we need to start talking about it. If you don’t have a plan this can cause great upset when you’re no longer here. Nobody knows what’s around the corner, so my advice is that you’re never too young to start planning.”

The research, done as part of the British Public Attitudes Survey, and based on thousands of interviews reveals that:-

  • Only one in three people currently has a will.
  • Only one person in four has registered for organ donation.
  • Only one in twenty of us has an Advance Care Plan, setting out how we would want to be cared for if incapacitated.
  • Only one in ten of us has made a funeral plan.
  • Almost seven out of ten of us have admitted we have never discussed anything about wills or funerals with anybody.

Saul Caplan comments: “We really do urge people to deal with these issues in advance. It puts you in control, provides certainty for you and your loved ones, and ensures your assets are disposed of in accordance with your wishes.”

There are key times in your life when you really should be reviewing your plans and revising your Will, such as when your relationship status changes, you buy a home, have children or even start a business.

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