What to do when the other driver is uninsured or untraceable

It is not uncommon for individuals to suffer personal injury as a result of the negligence of an uninsured or untraceable driver. Founded in 1946, the Motors Insurers’ Bureau, also known as the MIB, works alongside the Government in compensating victims of negligent and uninsured motorists. The MIB’s purpose is to place the innocent victim in the same position as if the accident didn’t happen.

Types of Claim under the MIB

MIB claims operate in the same manner as other traffic accidents. Where you’ve suffered a car accident, motorcycle or bike injury, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Compensation may even be awarded if you were injured as a passenger or pedestrian.

Due to the nature of what the MIB is, claiming accident compensation can be burdensome, particularly in providing documentation. Therefore, when considering a personal injury claim against the MIB, it is important to obtain all relevant documentation and act promptly.

Uninsured Drivers

In uninsured claims, the MIB operates to compensate you as if a valid insurance policy had been in place. This meaning that you will be entitled to compensation for not only your personal injury, but private medical and out of pocket expenses too. Depending on the circumstances, you may also be able to recover costs of vehicle repair and replacement vehicle hire.

Untraceable Drivers

Where there is an accident and you are unable to identify or trace the driver, the MIB requires it to be proved that an accident took place. Until fairly recently, where the individual responsible for the accident was unidentified, the only course of action for an individual suffering personal injury was to make an application to the MIB.

This has however changed recently in which a test case established that where a vehicle is insured, and the insured and registered keeper are known but the driver is not, legal proceedings can be taken against the unknown driver. In these rare scenarios, it essentially allows the claimant to pursue court proceedings in lieu of claiming against the MIB.

No Win No Fee

Our personal injury lawyers will help with your claim against the MIB under a no win no fee basis where applicable. You can contact us to find out more about our no win no fee arrangements.


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