No win/no fee explained

If you have a personal injury claim, upon which you wish to consult solicitors, the main worry is how much will it cost.

The personal injury/clinical negligence team at BTMK understand these concerns and strive to ensure that the position as to legal costs is straightforward and transparent.

To summarise:

We operate a free first consultation scheme and will not therefore charge you for this nor for the initial assessment of your case.

Should we consider that the case does not offer reasonable prospects of success we will advise you (again at no cost) whilst at the same time emphasising that this represents our opinion and that you are free to take further advice if you wish to do so.

However we want to help and in most cases will do so by offering to pursue the claim under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), more commonly known as a no win/no fee agreement.

This does what it says – our fees are not payable if the claim fails and we will advise that the funding arrangement is set up so that in that event you pay nothing at all.

If the claim is successful you would be liable to pay a success fee and the premium for any insurance which is taken out.

The success fee cannot be more than 25% of the compensation awarded for injury damages and past losses and in many cases will be less than that.

So – lose/pay nothing – win/receive a minimum of 75% of your compensation out of which you pay the insurance, the premium for which is always proportionate to the value of the claim.

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