Nadia’s First 6 Months at BTMK

What’s it like working at BTMK Solicitors – My First Six Months

By Nadia Fabri – Dispute Resolution & Aviation Specialist Solicitor at BTMK Solicitors

Nadia recently took the time out of her busy schedule to talk about her first 6 months here at BTMK Solicitors. 

So what’s it like working here?

“I’m loving life here at BTMK, the support from my colleagues has been fantastic as joining a new company is always daunting but they made me feel welcome from the start. The teamwork has been brilliant and that’s helped me settle in very quickly.”

So tell us what the first six months have been like?

“During the first week, I was eased into life within the Litigation & Dispute Resolution Team. I was given a steady workload, was shown how to use the systems and even taken out for lunch – which was a bonus! There’s no pressure on the business development side, but I was keen to impress.”

The first month was really successful for me, I was instructed by my largest client to date, who are now a key client for me here at BTMK. To be honest, it started to feel like home and I was achieving targets without any unnecessary pressure.

Moving into my first half year, life at BTMK has been fantastic. I’m fully settled into the team and I love our passion for work and networking, it’s something I’ve always enjoyed participating in and been given the opportunity to do so.  We often get invited or host various charity events for our chosen charity of the year, and l have already participated in a Nuclear Race.

We have a nice work-life balance here which includes remotely working from home when needed. The management are investing into the firm in a big way which is great to see, particularly for the younger lawyers at BTMK.

We have weekly meetings to discuss anything we need plus we have personnel support in the form of Paralegals, students and graduates on work experience as well as our own home-grown Trainee Solicitors.

It’s an open door policy here so you’re encouraged to seek advice from other senior members of staff if you have any concerns or questions. Every department is encouraged to cross refer any clients and support one another where we can.”

Tell us more about your team.

“We are like a family. The leadership from Adam and Fiona is great, and even though Nitin is now the Managing Director, he’s not afraid to lend a helping hand to us in our hour of need. We integrate with one another to ensure the teamwork is solid and we are very outgoing and social. I love it.”

What are your ambitions?

“Progression is something that I’m keen on in the future but first, I want to establish myself in the local market. We have appraisals and reviews with the management and I know there have been regular success stories of promotions for long serving and talented members of staff.  I’m confident I’ll be able to meet my career aspirations at BTMK if the first six months are anything to go by.”

If you could give one piece of advice to any prospective candidate interested in joining BTMK, what would it be?

“There’s nothing to fear, we have a welcoming and friendly atmosphere which is rapidly developing into a well-established regional firm.  This is not your average law firm which is a good thing, and everyone is encouraged to share new ideas. BTMK have a fantastic client reputation which is evidenced by their long standing existing client base.

What would you say to anyone who’s due to start their new adventure at BTMK?

“Be open to a unique and constantly developing law firm.  The expectations are realistic and there’s a fabulous family atmosphere here. I call this place my home now and hope to have a long and prosperous career at BTMK.”

Last but not least, what’s the best thing about working at BTMK?

“I really enjoy my work, I’m very enthusiastic about litigation and dispute resolution, there’s a variety of practice areas at BTMK, even within a particular team, so that presents opportunities to gain experience in other departments when collaborating with them on a particular piece of litigation.

They want you here at this law firm and they want you to stay for the long term.  This is evidenced by the strong investment into trainees and the organic growth policy. The whole team at BTMK have made my time here really enjoyable and continue to do so.  I really enjoy my job and proud to work for such a fantastic firm.”


Nadia Fabri was recruited into BTMK in January 2018 with the help and assistance of Nelson Chambers who are specialist recruitment consultants into the professional sectors.  Andrew Day at Nelson Chambers can be contacted on [email protected] for any further information.

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