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In June 2017 our client was walking along her local high street when an advertising board outside of the Defendant’s premises, fell on her and she fell to the ground. Our client hit her head on the concrete base of another advertising board as a consequence of her fall.

We acted for her on a no win, no fee basis.


The lady was immediately knocked unconscious and suffered from injuries to her collar bone, shoulder, leg and her head. Her daughter, who was with her at the time of the accident, immediately called for an ambulance and the lady spent a week in her local hospital.

The Client was and continues to be, a full time foster-carer and the effects of the accident posed a devastating effect on her and her family. Once discharged, the Client had to rely on her husband and her daughter to look after the younger children within the family as well as to maintain the running of their family home.

The Client underwent a course of physiotherapy treatment and was able to make a good recovery after some time. She is now able to look after her children as she had done prior to her accident.


The case was brought against the Defendant bar and restaurant.

The Defendant strongly denied liability but the Client maintained her case and BTMK issued court proceedings against the Defendant soon after. A settlement was quickly reached, soon after court proceedings were issued, in the Client’s favour, and the sum of £5,000.00 was awarded.

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