Insuring Your Capacity

Insurance has become a big part of life, but many people still are not “insuring” themselves against the possibility of losing capacity. Lasting Powers of Attorney can provide this protection and – just like insurance – you hope that it is never needed. However, if you do lose your mental capacity, then these documents become invaluable. 

Trainee Solicitor, Sophie Bacon, explains that “Accidents or illnesses could leave you suddenly incapable of looking after your own affairs and then the existence of a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is crucial as this allows a nominated person or persons to deal with matters on your behalf. If one is not already in place, then it is probably too late and the costly route of applying to the Court of Protection to be appointed as a Deputy is the only alternative.”  

Here at BTMK we have vast experience of dealing with both types of LPA (Property & Affairs and Health & Care Decisions) which we can produce and register on your behalf.  

The LPA for Property and Financial Affairs allows you to appoint someone that you trust to deal with your financial matters. The appointment could be a close family member, other relatives or even a professional appointment if you have no one suitable to act on your behalf.   

The Health and Welfare LPA deals with non-financial matters. Attorneys are appointed who would be able to make decisions in relation to routine decisions such as where you would live, who can and can’t visit you, what you eat and other social care issues. Additionally, you can – if you wish – give the Attorney the authority to accept or refuse life sustaining medical treatment on your behalf when you cannot make decisions for yourself. 

These documents may never be used of course but – like insurance – in case of need, they will be the most important documents you could have put in place.  

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