Businesses – Check Your Utility Bills Today

Businesses – Check Your Utility Bills Today

Our Litigation Team currently have a number of cases against large and well known utility companies.

The utility companies in question have been making serious errors billing local businesses.

These errors include:-

  • Bizarre billing practices which grossly exceed provable client use.
  • Billing the wrong meter number, which actually belong to other organisations locally.
  • Even reading the correct meter incorrectly and then charging the client for their own mistake.

To add insult to injury they have then been refusing to rectify the situation for extended and unacceptable periods of time and often, matters escalate in large multinational companies where one part of the business doesn’t know what another might be doing.  This can result in Court action for the recovery of money or even worse, the disconnection of supplies putting your business at risk.

Two large local Essex based organisations and client of ours are currently victims of this bad practice. One of these clients, and the team here at BTMK consider that it is very likely that there are several other businesses locally who must be affected, as one of these organisations has received bills addressed to other local businesses in error.

If you have a business in Essex, you should check your current and historical bills carefully and as soon as possible. Ensure that the meter number is the correct number, and more importantly, if your usage and bills has spiked in recent months for no apparent reason, please consider whether you may have a similar issue.

In the event of a successful outcome in the vast majority of cases the utility company could be responsible for paying or contributing towards your legal costs. We know that dealing with large companies such as these can often be daunting and you may feel your correspondence just disappears into a black hole.  We’re here to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

If you think your business may be suffering a similar issue please call Fiona on 01702 238541 or call us 24/7 on 03300 585 222.

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