BTMK – Raising Money for Havens New Hospice!

Havens Hospices are an incredibly important local charity and BTMK have done all that we can over the past few years to assist them in their fundraising efforts. Details about the new hospice can be found here.

This year is different. We want to go above and beyond our previous fundraising efforts so that we can help to fully equip their new in-patient lounge.  We have decided to take this challenge on jointly with Ayers & Cruiks, commercial property agents and very good friends of BTMK.

The intention is to create a lasting bond between BTMK, Ayers & Cruiks and Havens Hospices and for us to create a legacy interest in the new Hospice when it is finally unveiled, scheduled to be February 2020.

The Challenge

The Challenge is to raise approximately £21,500 jointly with Ayers & Cruiks over the next 12 months commencing on 1st May 2019.  The fundraising effort will continue until 30th April 2020 when we will deliver those funds in full to Havens Hospices.

How we will do it

A select group of team members from BTMK have formed part of our Havens Hospices Committee, with Ayers & Cruiks. We’ll are currently planning lots of events. We have already received a commitment from Barclays that for one of our key events this year, they will match £-for-£ the sums we raise at a charity auction which is going to be a great start to the effort.

Keep an eye on money raised so far, or make a donation, here – Fancy hosting your own event? Let us know and we’ll do all we can to support it!

Here’s to lots of fund-raising!

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