BTMK & LEX Fellowship – Working Together

BTMK have been extremely privileged to be a part of the LEX Fellowship programme this year. As a team we met with three separate groups of prospective lawyers from the USA. The students were very inquisitive and interested in our business and how we work as a regional law firm and the differences between the systems in the USA and in England & Wales. At BTMK we are hugely committed to training and growing our future lawyers from our organisation and it was great to give the students an insight of the way we do things. They enjoyed working through different case studies with members of our team, including one based on a very recent High Court matter that our team at BTMK have been involved in. We were extremely proud to showcase our knowledge, expertise and experience.

Here are some of the testimonials provided by the Lex Fellowship team:

“It was amazing to speak with the solicitors of BTMK. They were super friendly and showed us a side of law that is much more personable and local, really involved with the clients. Looking at their practice helped me get a much better sense of the difficulties of law and how to address those issues head on. I enjoyed the experience immensely” Arizona State Student – Nicole.

“Working with the team at BTMK Solicitors provided our fellows with the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion surrounding English contract law and regulations. Nitin challenged our Fellows to beyond the obvious answers and think as a seasoned attorney would about complex legal issues. We thoroughly enjoyed working with this team that brought so much educational value to our summer program in London.” Legal Advisor – Sydney Shufelt.

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