When laws and legislation change, it can be hard to keep up to date with the impact that this can have on you or your business. At BTMK, we’re proud to be jargon-free whenever we can. We’ll post changes to the law that we think are important to our clients in a plain and simple way. We’ll also let you know what else we’ve been up to, and give you an insight to the breadth of the work we do here.

BTMK – Lawyers for Saving Lives

BTMK - Lawyers for Saving Lives At BTMK we pride ourselves on being 'Lawyers for Life' however this week we are incredibly proud to have been part of a combined effort to potentially save lives and have made a significant contribution to Southend' very first outdoor...

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What Happens If My Injury Claim Fails?

  What happens if… my injury claim fails? Obviously not all injury claims are successful. Whilst such an outcome is naturally disappointing, we at BTMK offer a funding arrangement which means that at least you won’t have to pay anything if you lose. How do we do...

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Dealing With Loss Of Capacity

  Dealing With Loss Of Capacity Many people find it easier to avoid thinking about a scenario in which they have lost their capacity. After all, they won’t know what’s going on, right?  But if you are the loved one of someone who has lost their capacity,...

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Reversing European or Foreign Court Judgments

Reversing European or Foreign Court Judgments As the world becomes smaller, we’re witnessing more and more Court Judgments being obtained by Claimants, often in Spain, France or popular ex-pat, or second-home destinations where a Defendant hasn’t participated in the...

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Insuring Your Capacity

Insuring Your Capacity Insurance has become a big part of life, but many people still are not “insuring” themselves against the possibility of losing capacity. Lasting Powers of Attorney can provide this protection and - just like insurance - you hope that it is never...

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