When laws and legislation change, it can be hard to keep up to date with the impact that this can have on you or your business. At BTMK, we’re proud to be jargon-free whenever we can. We’ll post changes to the law that we think are important to our clients in a plain and simple way. We’ll also let you know what else we’ve been up to, and give you an insight to the breadth of the work we do here.

A New Pilot Scheme to Limit Legal Costs

JUST LAUNCHED - A New Pilot Scheme to Limit Legal Costs From the 14th January 2019 a new 2 year pilot scheme has been introduced to limit legal costs involved for certain Business and Property Court cases valued up to £250,000.   We’re all too familiar with the...

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Brexit and Employment Law

Brexit and Employment LawWith the possibility of Brexit growing ever closer, concerns are growing over what the impact will be on employment law in the UK if and when we leave the European Union. Whilst at this stage nothing is set in stone, the government has...

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Why HR Functions Are Often Being Outsourced

Why HR Functions Are Often Being OutsourcedHR functions are outsourced for many reasons, including:The ever-changing nature of employment law, which means it is difficult for employers to remain up to date; employers often do not wish to retain a HR team in light of...

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The Power of Powers of Attorney

The Power of Powers of AttorneyIf you are looking for a New Year’s Resolution, consider getting your affairs in order. Powers of Attorney explained by Mark Goodson of BTMK Solicitors.What is a Power of Attorney?A Power of Attorney is a document that someone can make...

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Pets & Divorce

Pets & DivorceDivorce can be an extremely stressful and emotional time, and this can be even more so when a beloved pet is involved. For those of you who have pets you’ll know that they are more than just that, they are part of your family.When a marriage breaks...

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BTMK Marcus Baum have won an award!

  PHIL SPENCER ANNOUNCES BTMK Marcus Baum have won an award! On Friday 19th October we won an ESTAS award, the most prestigious conveyancing awards in the UK! BTMK Marcus Baum received the Bronze award in our region.. The winners were announced by Phil Spencer,...

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